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Soaring to new heights
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Excellence Through Perserverance 
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Superstar Athletics Cheer teaches the basics and advanced fundamentals of all-star competitive cheerleading and tumbling– providing girls and boys of all ages in Central Pennsylvania the opportunity to develop strong minds and bodies. Our core values of sportsmanship, character, and integrity are paramount and our gym emphasizes the importance of teamwork, physical activity, healthy lifestyle choices, and community involvement. We are dedicated to the development of the athlete both on the mat and off.


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Full Travel All Star Team


Compete at a variety of state, regional, and national competitions. Runs from June-May. Practices and Tumbling total about 5 hours a week. Click below to send T.J. an email for more information.



Riley Aguiar


"T.J. had helped me greatly improve my skills before my collegiate tryouts, and into my freshman year at the University of Kentucky. He helped me greatly with my with basic stunts and experience coed stunting. He definitely made me feel more prepared going into Kentucky level practices. I believe working with T.J. was one of the reasons I was able to make the team."

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Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 10.26.33
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Kasey Trexler

"Superstar Athletics has helped me develop as an athlete because the coaches are driven, motivating, and they actually care about their athletes. At this gym, you get treated as family and are never left out. This gym, individually has helped me because of all the life lessons and friendships I have made along the way. Because of this gym, I can say teamwork, perseverance, and leadership are some of my strengths."

Sydney Callenberger

"I started competitive cheerleading when I was 7 years old and fell in love with it. But I never really learned the true meaning of being on a team, competing at the highest level, or putting in hard work, and being dedicated with everything you do, until TJ and Mariah became my coaches. They completely changed my mindset on cheerleading, and guided me through a sport that I wanted to continue for a long time, all while making me feel welcome, and at home with Superstar. They provided me with the strongest coaching in the State College area and ultimately helped me reach my dream of cheering in college."

Julia Romero

"Superstar Athletics has helped me improve as an athlete and as a person, because it has taught me the value of hard work, setting goals, how to work well with a team, and how to handle both winning and losing. All the coaches and athletes had the same mind set going into practices and throughout the season. A mindset of being successful. Before I went to SA, I was super shy, but cheering there for 7 years gave me so much confidence in myself, that it ended up making a positive impact in all other aspects of my life! TJ has not only taught me a lot about cheer, but he has also taught me good sportsmanship, how to work well with others, to always believe, and to never give up. He has shaped me into the athlete I am today and I wouldn’t be this far in cheer without him!"

Read more about our alumni! 

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