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 Wednesday from 7pm-8pm

This is a great class for flyers and potential flyers!

Skills to be learned include:

  • Safety: proper ways to come down/fall

  • Balance: Become comfortable in the air on both the left and right foot

  • Flexibility: Learn ways to stretch for scorpions, bows and arrows, scales and arabesques (individual and partner stretching). Also learn the proper ways to pull and hold stretches.

  • All around technique for stunts ranging from beginner to advanced:

  • Learn to “feel lighter” and feel more comfortable in the air

  • Learn to save stunts instead of coming down

  • Tick tocks, full ups, switch ups, high to highs

  • Full downs, double downs, and other dismounts

  • Basket tosses: toe touch, pike, full, double, kick full, kick double and hitch kicks


The flyer classes are scheduled on a month-to-month basis.

Please email for days and times.



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