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T.J. Banas

Head Coach

T.J. Banas is from Pittsburgh Pa. and is a Penn State graduate, with a Bachelor's in English Literature. He has over nine years of experience coaching athletes in cheer, dance and high level gymnastics. Both AACCA and USASF certified in all levels. T.J. has completed and is certified in CPR, First Aid, AED, Concussion and Green light testing. He has demonstrated excellence in athletic program management, effective supervision, and has extensively traveled throughout the United States for clinics and competitions. T.J. has competed at the highest levels of College and All Star competitive cheerleading at both The UCA College Cheerleading Nationals and The US All Star Federation Cheerleading Worlds. He has coached over 30+ National Championship Cheerleading teams and has personally trained 20+ Individual athletes, that have gone on to make some of the most prestige Collegiate level teams.

Mariah LaPorte Headshot.jpg

Mariah LaPorte

Cheer Coach

Mariah LaPorte is in her her fifth season with our program.  She is USASF, ACCAA, Concussion, and NFHS certified.  Mariah is also a member of UCA staff where she is a camp instructor, and she also gets to judge and work competitions all over the country.  She is a certified safety judge for UCA and also works for American Cheer Power.  Mariah competed at UCA High School Nationals with Hazleton Area High School from 2009-2013, placing in the top 10 each year.  She also competed at the cheerleading worlds in 2014 with Open Black placing in the top 10 at the US Trials and competed at worlds in 2017. She has 16 years of dance experience and is also a choreographer. Mariah has a bachelor's in Human Development and Family Studies from Penn State University.

Makenna Bailey HeadShot.png

Makenna Bailey

Cheer Coach

MaKenna Bailey started her cheerleading career at 4 years old. She has spent the past 14 years cheering competitively, with 7 years under Superstar Athletics owner T.J. Banas. She has earned bids to and has competed at "The Summit," "The D2 Summit," "UCA High School Nationals," and "The Cheerleading Worlds." She is certified in First Aid, CPR, and Basic Life Support. She currently attends Penn State University where she is studying Rehabilitation and Human Services.

Coach Carrie Heashot .png

Mariah Perdue "Coach Carrie"

Cheer Coach/Tumbling Instructor/Events Coordinator

Carrie was with the SA family at the start of our first season. During season 2, she moved to Virginia to work with the Cheer Extreme Program in pursuit of gaining additional knowledge from the World Champion Program! Coach Carrie has experience of an athlete and the expert knowledge of a coach. She is a USASF certified coach, CPR and First Aid Certified. She has a great passion for working with kids and young athletes! We are very excited to have Carrie as the Events Coordinator of Superstar Athletics, as well as a cheer, and tumbling coach. Carrie helps the SA experience be the best possible, with all of the up and coming events, such as parades, team dinners, and team bonding activities inside and outside of the gym!

Robyne Schall Headshot .jpg

Robyne Schall

Tumbling Instructor

Robyne Schall started her all-star cheerleading career at Superstar athletics 3 years ago. While on our open team she has received both at-large, and fully paid bids to the "Cheerleading Worlds." She was captain of her high school cheerleading squad in Derry, Pennsylvania. Before cheerleading Robyne was a competitive dancer and gymnast for 16 years where she competed at the national level. She has been coaching gymnastics and tumbling for the past 5 years. She is USAG certified in safety, risk management, and the fundamentals of gymnastics and tumbling.